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428 Collection

The origin of the 428 Collection is rooted in our poignant journey of guiding our beloved husband and father, Jon, to his eternal reward on 4/28/2023.

In our latest collection, each detail holds significance, especially the Lily of the Valley, representing our deep-rooted surrender to Whatever God Wants. It serves as a poignant reminder of the connections tied to 4/28—the day we established roots in our home, Jon’s departure, and the feast day of St. Gianna Molla.

4/28 holds profound meaning for our family with Jon’s passing coinciding with the feast day of the beloved saint, St. Gianna. Her exemplary life and intercession (and the intercession of her holy husband Pietro) provided solace and strength during Jon’s courageous battle with brain cancer. Additionally, 4/28 marks the day we moved into our home shortly after our devotion (though we didn’t really connect it at the time) began to St Gianna  and many other saints when we encountered a relic of St. Gianna—her glove. This further solidified our connection to her. That was 18 years before Jon was called to his eternal home.

In reflecting on our journey and the significance of these dates, we are reminded of the unwavering power of faith and the guiding presence of divine providence, even amidst life’s adversities.

The Lily of the Valley, often linked to The Blessed Virgin Mary, is affectionately called “Our Lady’s Tears” in stories, believed to have sprung from her tears shed at Jesus’s crucifixion. As the birth flower for May, a month devoted to Mary, it symbolizes purity, sweetness, humility, virtue, femininity, motherhood, beauty, and the renewal of happiness. With its delicate white flowers and sweet fragrance, this bloom embodies a profound sense of grace and reverence. While praying the sorrowful mysteries, hearts were pierced and tears fell as we prayed on 4/28 Jon took his last breaths and he was granted his eternal reward.

May the Lily of the Valley remain a symbol of sweetness and hope as we trust and accept and we stay rooted in Whatever God Wants for Our Lives.


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