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hear and now podcast: hearing God in the now.

Questions we answer:

How do I mother my children? How do I raise them to be faithful members of the church? How do I cultivate the Sacrament of Marriage in the home? How do I create a soft place to land? How do I cultivate hospitality in my heart & home? How do I conquer a spouse’s cancer diagnosis? How do I live one day at a time?

Meet your Hosts

Heather is a Catholic Convert who lives near the City of Brotherly Love with her husband, Jon, of 24 years and their four children (2 are college kids and 2 are at home) and two feisty dogs rooted in faith and love.

She spends her days running her home, homeschooling her two youngest girls, supporting her husband in his brain cancer journey, and searching for truth, beauty, and goodness. She writes about her deep faith, the gift of raising her family, the vocation of marriage and taking long walks while listening for the voice of God.

Heather writes at  HouseofLoveandLaughter.com and hangs out on Instagram @houseofloveandlaughterblog where she weaves words, offers a soft place to land, reflects on finding hope and joy, loving others first, laughing often, seeing beauty and while encouraging others to grow closer to God in this sometimes difficult journey called life. Lately she shares glimpses into finding joy and beauty in the suffering—as her husband lives with and fights brain cancer while sharing thoughts of the heart on  recent loss of loved ones.

I cohost this podcast with my daughter, Sophia, who started Hear and Now over 2 years ago. Since then, we decided to merge our time, talents, and treasures to bring you even more engaging content. Episodes go live every week on all major streaming platforms. I hope you’ll join me!

Sophia Lebano is a junior business management major at Franciscan University of Steubenville. She is the co-host at Hear and Now Podcast and the founder of Sophia Lebano Creative, LLC. Her company, Sophia Lebano Creative, is a website design and online business management company for Catholic and Christian entrepreneurs. 

She has lived with hearing loss since the age of 8, and received bilateral cochlear implants in 2016 & 2018. Since then, she’s started advocating for hearing loss awareness, as it’s a passion of hers to fight for what matters. Her faith has been super important to me, especially living with a diagnosis like hearing loss. After being raised as a cradle Catholic, she fell deeply in love with the faith in high school, and rediscovered that fire again in college.

In her spare time, you can find her working on her business, studying the latest social media trends, dancing, or organizing her outfits for the week.  Come connect with her on Instagram @sophialebano.

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