Hi, I’m Heather!

I am so glad to meet you here.

I am a word weaver, and a truth, beauty and good seeker. I enjoy writing about deep faith, the gift of raising a family, the vocation of marriage and taking long walks while listening for the voice of God.

I am hopelessly in love with connecting with people and desire to help others find the best version of themselves with a bit of irreverent fun all for the Glory of God. I love to ask questions to get to the heart of things, and am comfortable sharing the vulnerable truth of my journey in life to help others know they are not alone in theirs. I am a devoted daughter of a GOoD and Faithful Father and believes the best way to live this life is to do my best to see God in the face of others. My faith has been the peace that I have needed to keep me centered in a sometimes difficult journey called life.

Lately I have had to shift my focus to caring for my husband of 24 years. He is a good man who loves his family well, makes us laugh and has an incredible attitude as has been living with aggressive brain cancer since July 2020. He has also been healing from a stroke that occurred during a second brain tumor surgery in fall of 2021.

The vows we took have been strengthened as we have lived out our Sacrament of Marriage during this suffering we endure. We are learning the more we lean into our faith and surrender to God’s plan and will the more peace, grace, mercy courage and strength has been felt.

Together we are raising a family of 4 children (2 are young adults) with faith at the center. With this faith and unconditional love, we have guided and encouraged our uniquely, individual children to discover who God is calling them to be.

Life is hard, and we have had to walk alongside our children while overcoming obstacles of life, such as living with hearing loss, grief, and anxiety, loss of loved ones and a cancer journey for their dad.. It has not always been an easy road, but we sure have found hope and gifts in each of the struggles. We are all better when working together and living this beautiful life, all while sharing this space called home with tons of forgiveness, lots of grace, never-ending laughter, and unconditional love.


Recent Posts:

Cupcakes, the Eagles, a Super Bowl and Hope
Family | Life

Cupcakes, the Eagles, a Super Bowl and Hope

A friend dropped some special Eagles cupcakes in our mailbox this weekend. She got them from a favorite bakery that has made many custom cakes for our celebrations—baptisms, birthdays, Jesus cakes for Christmas morning, anniversaries, the end of a school year, and even Super Bowl parties. You know all the things that bring joy and…

Faith | Life


I’ve been thinking about time a lot lately. I’m sure you are not surprised that I think about time. As the year ends, maybe you are thinking about time too. I am keenly aware of how I spend my time, what I want to do with my time, what time permits me to do, and…

Made with Love
Brain Cancer Journey | Faith

Made with Love

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”-Shakespeare. Early in our dating years and marriage, Jon and I discovered we had an affinity—and talent—to gather loved ones. It makes sense, given we met in a place about hosting, gathering, and serving. We even started our…