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These days of transitions are sometimes hard and sometimes lonely. You call to question how you can get to the other side of this. If you look close enough, the path is there and more glorious than you could have imagined with a beautiful view along the way. Even in hard transitions, look for the places you’ve been loved along the way!

Hang in there.

Keep going friends, even if you are in this time of transition not really knowing how you will make it to the other side.

You have just been given a new scary diagnosis, or you are preparing to launch a child to a new place, or you are watching a parent age rapidly, or you are working through the grief and loss of a loved one, or just made a brave move and learning a new space in life. I am here praying, cheering, weeping alongside you friend!

We are in this thing called life together! And remember a bittersweet ending can also be a hopeful beginning.

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