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The Truth about Detours and Ice Cream

Sometimes we find ourselves at these crossroads in life having to choose our next turn on our journey. We convince ourselves that, once made, our choices will become etched in stone or permanent.

We convince ourselves there is no going back.

Sometimes the world tells us that when we decide something, we must stick with it. We cannot turn around even if we discover after a while that our decision is no longer the right thing for us. Maybe we realize that we did not have enough information when we first made the decision. Perhaps the circumstances changed, and events occur that are out of our control to force a need to reevaluate.

It is okay to change your mind.

It is okay to be wrong about the choice.

It is okay to stop, to turn around and go back. Or Maybe choose another way, another route.

It is okay to take a detour.

Just the other day, while I was out running errands with my daughter, I began my drive back home. A short bit into the ride, traffic activity slowed to a crawl ahead. I noticed myself starting to feel frustrated at the building traffic as this would throw a roadblock in my already tight schedule.

My daughter decided to check our handy driving app. It seemed an accident must have JUST occurred. Thankfully, with the help of our GPS, we assessed the situation and decided to take the next exit quickly.

We knew staying on this road would have resulted in a much longer ride home. It was an easy decision to take another path and avoid the traffic mess.

After we detoured, I began to ponder our reaction to major life decisions that feel like messy traffic. What do we do when those decisions are not working as planned initially when roadblocks or accidents throw us in standstill traffic?

Do we follow the same logic of using our handy driving app while on the road and get off the road when the highway is not the best for us at the moment? When we see the traffic building, it is easy to realize we should check our GPS and take a detour.

When a choice in life feels like it is not working, do you check with your internal GPS, look for signs for where you can take a detour?

It is okay to take the detour.

Honor yourself. Take the detour even if only for a moment to check your map, confirm your direction, and adjust yourself where necessary.

Allow yourself to make a change in those life decisions just as you would do on the road. If necessary, take another route.

I have learned to be okay when I have to stop and choose a new path both on the road and in life.

On our drive with my daughter, once we took another path, we found ourselves passing a cute little shop along the way. A shop we would have not otherwise seen. We looked at each other and smiled.

We stopped at the sweet little shop and found ourselves enjoying the best ice cream ever at a shop we never saw before.

Detours are sometimes necessary. This can offer a new view, a new perspective, a new place you’ve never been.

What new path will you take today?

I invite you to take the detour and stop to enjoy some ice cream!!!

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