Word of the Year by Maureen Eaton

For almost a decade now, I’ve been choosing a ‘word of the year’–a theme or value to ponder and focus on.

     Maybe you do this, too?

     Some of my recent words include:  WELL, REFLECT, TRUST, and last year’s word, LIGHT.  

     I start by inviting the Holy Spirit into the process, usually in mid-to-late autumn.  I pray and journal and begin a brainstorm list.  Some years, I’ve known my word right away.  Other years, the process has taken much longer, well after the start of the new year.  

      My word this year? SPACE (quite fitting, for a gal who resides on Florida’s Space Coast).

      I looked at my new calendar, and I saw all the blank spaces.  Potential.  Possibility. 

      I looked around my cluttered house, and I saw the need to make space.

      I looked at my daily schedule, and I saw where I need to make more space for what truly matters.

      I was reminded of a womens’ retreat I served on this October.  Each day, we began with a Bible enthronement.  A trio of ladies entered the meeting hall–one carried a Bible, one a crucifix, and one a candle.

As each item was placed on a small table, we sang and prayed. 

     “O Word of God, come into this space….”   

      There was that word, again. And again.

       And I knew.  This was my ‘word’.


       Jesus, come into this space…into all the spaces of this new year.    

       This is my prayer for you, too. Whether or not you choose a ‘word’ this year, may you invite THE WORD of God to come into this space.

About the Author, Maureen Eaton

Maureen Eaton is a wife, mom, and “MeMe” from the Space Coast of Florida. Since retiring from her career as a Teacher of the Deaf, she’s been pursuing various interests, including writing. She recently “launched “ her first picture book. Wherever We Are, inspired by her own grandchildren, is a reminder that, no matter where we are, love isn’t limited by location.