About the Shop

Welcome to the House of Love and Laughter Shop
where words are matter of the heart.

The mission of this shop was to bring awareness to a brain cancer journey in 2021 of our Husband and Father. Our Made with Love shop grew as our journey of suffering and loss grew us closer to God. Every item in this shop is a labor of love made and designed with love to bring Glory to God and bring others closer to the heart of the Father.

Heather is the visionary behind the shop, creating products from a seed God planted in her heart.
Sophia with all of her skills in business and technology has watered these seeds to allow this humble little shop to blossom into the beautiful gift it has become.
Heather’s other children, Ian, Olivia, and Isabelle each have contributed to creating for this shop with mighty gifts from God as they have navigated the challenging days of navigating the grief of losing their beloved dad.