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Rainbows in Blue Skies

“Hey, friend, can you pray? We’ve been approved for this procedure? The surgery is next week.”

“His mom passed away earlier this week, can you pray?”

“There is some job uncertainty with her job. We worry about our family’s finances, would you pray for us to surrender and trust?”

“Hey friend, We are trying to determine the next best step, should we take the job- can you pray?”

“I lost my baby in the hospital in January, somedays its hard to keep going, but I have other children at home so I have to keep going. Will you pray with me?”

“We just learned of his hearing loss and we are not sure of the next step. Please tell me what we should do? And sometimes I pray for a miracle.”

“This diagnosis is more than we expected, we are trying to stay strong; we believe in miracles and want her to be our miracle, please pray.”

“My young adult child is straying, and we can’t seem to find our way. Please join me in prayers.”

“Mom is walking slower and with her head hanging lower and lower. She hardly recognizes herself let alone how we see she is no longer herself.”

These words have been part of the many conversations and texts I have had this week. I am humbled and honored to be asked to be a prayer warrior for these beloved friends.

It has been a heavy week.

With all of these requests for prayers in a single week alone, I wonder how each of these friends and loved ones can keep going without worry, fear, grief.

I have strong enough faith to believe God is bigger than all of this. I think what is hard to understand and accept — in our human condition — is that His way may be beyond our understanding and beyond our definition of miracle or healing.

I am a feeler; so needless to say I can feel the pain of others very deeply and see it miles and miles away. My heart is heavy with worry and sadness for the pain these friends and loved ones are experiencing.

My heart is also wrapped in a ton of faith and hope. I believe in the power of prayer. I also believe in miracles, because our God is so much bigger than any of this.

This evening, I look out to the sky and see a rainbow smiling at me through a perfectly blue sky.

This symbol of hope beams at me in all its glory just when I get a text from a friend who shares some winks from God that might bring their family a bit of peace for a moment in time. A moment in time in a very hard few days. Perhaps a glimmer of hope that an angel from above is helping to bring them a much-needed miracle.

We’ve been praying for many miracles this week, some bigger than others. I believe miracles can be significant, and they also can be small. Sometimes the miracles reveal themselves in small ways where if we blink we may miss them. And sometimes the miracles show up in ways that are beyond our imagination and comprehension.

Either way, when the miracle comes, it is to let us know God loves us, that He walks beside us, and when we allow Him, He carries us in the darkest of days.

Sometimes the miracle is holding hands with a perfect stranger during the Our Father in mass this week. Holding hands lets the tearful, young mother know she is seen and loved as she aches with grief.

Sometimes the miracle comes when you find your aging mom in the laundry room of her independent living apartment. After a year of refusing to do her own laundry, you discover her this week putting the clean, wet clothes into the dryer all on her own.

Sometimes the miracle comes in friendships that are more deeply bonded because you have been trusted to carry these deeply personal prayers. A trusted friendship is a gift to be sure.

Sometimes the miracle happens after a small invitation to sit and chat over coffee turns into sharing vulnerable moments. In opening the door to this conversation, other doors fly open for bigger grace and perhaps much bigger miracles from above.

Sometimes the miracle comes as you heal family brokenness while you are drawn closer to one another, as you pray together in those debilitating moments. In time you begin to forget where the brokenness began.

Sometimes the miracle is in healing the grief as you learn to move forward even though the loss has left a significant void. You just learn never to forget and to love with a bit more presence.

Sometimes the miracle is simply seeing prayer warriors pull together. In the end, the power of people uniting in prayer for single purpose is doing beautiful and holy work for God.

And sometimes the miracle is finding a magnificent rainbow in a perfectly blue sky so God can let you know there is hope and He is so much bigger than any of this.

I pray your eyes and heart are open to see your miracle this week.

“I call on the LORD in my distress, and he answers me.”
–Psalm 120:1

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